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The Rent-A-Center is a US national Home goods company located in Louisville, Kentucky. To figure out why customers choose Rent-A-Center and to assess the reputation of the company, check the latest reviews on this page. Also, you can add your own review with the latest experience of cooperation with this company.

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    Donna Carter
    Posted Sep, 13 2019
    I tecently had a fire in my apt and called the Gm Tom to have a washer/dryer delivered to my new apt. Of course, he sent the biggest and most expensive one they had. When delivered on Sept 19, 15 the set wasnt going to fit in my utility room without the doors being removed which were damaged in the process. The price was $170.86 per month. I only had 2. $100 bills on me and tld delivery guy i wld come by store later on to pk up my change and got a receipt for the $200. On Oct 10th my sister bought me a new set. I called the store and they sd they cldnt pk up till 10/15. Still 5 days early from next pyt due. I told Tom make sure your delivery guy brings my $30 change from the $200. I was told they didnt give back change yet had i went into the store and pd im sure i wldve gotten my change back out of the $200. On the 15th the delivery guy showed up 2 pk up the set w/o my change. I was even nice enough to have it sitting in my living room floor to prevent further damage. Of course he didnt have my change from the $200 so i closed the door in his face and tld him to come bk on 19th when pyt due to pick up WITH my change next time. On Sat Oct 17th i went 2 the store to pk up my change. Tom cursed at me, Told me to get "the hell out of his store", and threatened to call police on me. By this time we were in a yelling match with other ppl in the store. Very professional Tom. You must have a relative at corporate office because otherwise i dont see how you keep your jon. When i asked for a pen to write down corporate phone number he sd"Ill sell you one for a dollar." I called corporate. They sided with me so you might need that dollar Tom while you look for a new job. This entire store needs a good house cleaning of employees. Not to mention in general. I had a close friend who recently rented a living room suite from there that was bed bug infested. It cost her $2200 to have her home treated. A bunch of rip off artist that probably all have criminal backgrounds!!!!!!
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